Worthington Real Estate Information

Worthington is a medium sized community situated in the middle of the Buckeye State. Worthington has a population of approximately fourteen thousand one hundred residents, placing it near the middle size for cities and towns in the region. Worthington is found in Franklin County, which is one of the fastest growing and rapidly suburbanizing counties in the state of Ohio. The original inhabitants of Worthington were Native Americans, and the tribes that settled in and around the Worthington area were famous for constructing elaborate burial mounds for their deceased. Non-native Americans arrived in the Worthington area slightly after the turn of the nineteenth century. The first significant settlement took place in the year eighteen three, sponsored by the Scioto Company.

Worthington was founded by an individual by the name of James Kilbourne, a local leader and politician who was later a member of the United States House of Representatives. Worthington takes its name from an individual by the name of Thomas Worthington, who would later become one of the chief executives of the state of Ohio. Worthington is situated in the central northern portion of Franklin County, which in turn is located near the geographic center off the state of Ohio. Worthington was officially incorporated in the year eighteen eight, while the community was involved in the war of eighteen twelve. Worthington has its own public library system, appropriately named the Worthington Public Library, which is one of the twenty busiest libraries in the Buckeye State.

Some notable residents of Worthington throughout the years include a number of National Football League players, several actresses, and even soccer players, novelists, and architects. There are a number of interesting social and recreational sites in and around Worthington, including golf at the Worthington Hills Country Club, the Brookside Golf and Country Club, and the York Golf Club and shopping at the High Road Gallery. The location of Worthington also makes the community a remarkably convenient region, since the town is situated just a short drive away from Columbus, the largest city in the state of Ohio.