Upper Arlington Real Estate Information

Upper Arlington is a medium sized community found in the central portion of the state of Ohio. Upper Arlington has a population of approximately thirty three thousand seven hundred residents, and is considered a suburban city because of its geographic proximity to the larger city of Ohio. Upper Arlington is situated to the northwest of the city of Columbus, within the limits of Columbus' metropolitan area. Upper Arlington is located to the northwestern portion of Franklin County as well, and is bordered by a number of natural and manmade items. These include the Scioto River, Marble Cliff, Columbus, and Grandview Heights. Upper Arlington is located, as the name might suggest, at a relatively high elevation of nearly one thousand feet near the Olentangy River.

Upper Arlington encompasses an area of slightly less than ten square miles, which is almost entirely composed of land. Before Upper Arlington was settled by non-Native Americans, mound-building indigenous peoples dominated the region for several thousand years. Although American settlers and farmers began to populate the area which is now considered Upper Arlington by the nineteenth century, there was not any significant settlement until the year nineteen thirteen, when real estate developers purchased farmland in the area. Upper Arlington was officially incorporated as a city of Ohio in the year nineteen forty one, just before the outbreak of the second world war and after a period of substantial physical and population growth.

Even more individuals began to flock to the Upper Arlington area after the second world war ended, and eventually nearly half of the city earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The educational needs of Upper Arlington are met by a variety of public and private institutions, especially the Upper Arlington City School District, which encompasses several primary and middle schools plus one high school. Upper Arlington is home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, and also offers a Fourth of July Parade, a Labor Day Arts Festival, and a Winter Festival and Tree Lighting, among others. Other points of interest include the Ohio Craft Museum, the Treehouse, and Tremont Pool.

of Kentucky (Boone, Kenton, and Campbell) also have their own moderately sized cities and towns in addition to master planned suburban communities. There are also numerous rural regions in Northern Kentucky, although this lifestyle is being rapidly eclipsed by the tide of development and urban growth.

Despite its diverse and widely varied demographic nature, Northern Kentucky is a remarkably convenient area. Almost all of Northern Kentucky is located within the Greater Cincinnati area, ensuring easy access to urban attractions and activities, including professional sports teams, large shopping complexes, and world class restaurants. Northern Kentucky technically has a sub-tropical climate, although the region's location at the periphery of this climate zone gives it a more diverse range of temperatures throughout the year. The entirety of Northern Kentucky has a population of approximately two hundred twenty five thousand residents, with the largest two concentrations being found in Kenton and Campbell Counties.

There are six main population centers found in the three most important counties of Northern Kentucky, with each of them offering a great place to live, work, and play. Florence is the largest city in Boone County, with a population of roughly twenty four thousand residents, while Fort Thomas and Newport are the largest communities in Campbell County, with populations of roughly seventeen thousand each. Kenton County has three major population centers, two of which are county seats. The two county seats are Independence and Covington, which have populations of approximately fifteen thousand and forty four thousand respectively. The third major community of Kenton County is Erlanger, which encompasses an area of about eight and a half square miles and roughly seventeen thousand residents.