Sunbury Real Estate Information

Sunbury is one of the smaller residential communities situated in the generally well-developed region of Delaware County in the Buckeye State. Sunbury has a population of approximately two thousand six hundred residents as of the census conducted in the year two thousand, placing it well below the median levels for Central Ohio. Sunbury is technically considered a village of the state of Ohio, and maintains an appearance reminiscent of a New England town. This appearance is reinforced by the arrangement of a series of historic buildings including the village hall around a central village green. The indigenous economy of Sunbury is driven by a Honda manufacturing plant, which is run by American Showa and produces automotive parts.

Sunbury encompasses an area of approximately two and a half square miles, and is destitute of any significantly large bodies of water. Sunbury is located at a population of about a thousand feet, and has a population density of just over one thousand persons per square mile. Sunbury is situated in the central portion of the Buckeye State, Ohio, just north of the community of Galena and close to the towns of Lewis Center and Delaware. Sunbury has a special place in the state of Ohio, as it hosts the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial. This important site recognizes the ultimate sacrifice made by every Ohio soldier that has given his or her life to the War On Terrorism since the Nine-Eleven Terrorist attacks.

Sunbury is found near the geographic center of Ohio, and is located along the main regional interstate, Interstate Seventy-One. The educational needs of Sunbury are met by a number of public and private institutions, especially the Big Walnut Local School District, which includes Hyler Souders Elementary School, Harrison Street Elementary School, Big Walnut Middle School, and Big Walnut High School. There are a number of recreational and social attractions situated in Sunbury itself as well as in the surrounding areas, including the Sunbury State Club, the Sunbury Golf Course, the Big Walnut Golf Club, and Arrowhead Lakes Golf Club. Sunbury is also situated just a short drive out of Columbus, Ohio, making it a remarkably convenient suburb of the largest city in Ohio.