New Albany Real Estate Information

New Albany is a small village community situated in the central portion of the state of Ohio. New Albany has a population of approximately three thousand seven hundred residents according to the census conducted in the year two thousand, although this figure has increased substantially in the nine years that have passed since then. New Albany straddles the county line between Franklin County and Licking County, and has substantial settlements in both. New Albany has an excellent location, and due to the recent growth of Columbus, Ohio has become increasingly popular as a suburb and bedroom community. New Albany takes its name from the state capital of New York, a testament to the original hometown of the first settlers of the region.

Like much of the surrounding area, New Albany was first inhabited by mound-building Native Americans, who settled in the region literally thousands of years before the arrival of Western settlers. American settlers arrived in the year eighteen thirty seven, when William Yantes and Noble Lanton created the plan for the community now known as New Albany. New Albany was officially incorporated in the year eighteen fifty six, at which point it switched its name from Hope to the current choice. New Albany is located at an elevation of slightly over one thousand feet, and encompasses a total area just short of nine square miles.

New Albany is almost entirely a bedroom community with one notable exception – the international clothing chain Abercrombie and Fitch has its headquarters in New Albany and provides a number of jobs to the village. New Albany is currently governed by Mayor Nancy Ferguson, while other notable residents of the community include racer Bobby Rahal and entrepreneur Leslie Wexner. New Albany is home to four public schools – a high school, a junior high school, a middle school, and an elementary school. Golf courses are also very important to the relaxed lifestyle of New Albany, including Little Turtle Club, New Albany Country Club, Royal American Links, and New Albany Links Golf Club. New Albany is also situated just a short drive away from the major urban center of Columbus, ensuring not just comfort but also convenience.