Hilliard Real Estate Information

Hilliard is a medium sized community found in the central portion of the Buckeye State, Ohio. Hilliard has a population of approximately twenty four thousand two hundred residents, at least as of the year two thousand, when the last census was taken. Hilliard is situated in Franklin County, and is considered a suburb of Columbus, the capital of Ohio and the largest city in the state. Hilliard encompasses a total area of just over eleven square miles, and is found in the northwestern portion of Franklin County. Hilliard is situated at an elevation of approximately nine hundred feet, and is bordered by the communities of Upper Arlington, Dublin, Galloway, and Columbus in addition to a large amount of farmland.

Before the arrival of American settlers in the nineteenth century, the land which is now considered Hilliard was originally inhabited for thousands of years by Native Americans, especially those noted for building majestic burial mounds. Hilliard was settled by non-indigenous peoples in the year eighteen fifty two, when the town's namesake, John Reed Hilliard purchased a small plot of farmland in the region. Hilliard is situated between Big Darby Creek and Scioto River, and was originally known as Hilliard's Station. Hilliard was officially incorporated as a village in the year eighteen sixty nine, and was re-incorporated as a city in the year nineteen sixty, just over ninety years later.

Hilliard underwent two major periods of residential and economic growth. The first took place in the nineteen fifties, when three master planned communities were erected in the immediate vicinity of Hilliard, and the second took place when Columbus, Ohio was undergoing a rapid period of growth once again. The educational needs of Hilliard are met by a number of private and public institutions, including fourteen public elementary schools, five middle schools, Darby High School, Davidson High School, the planned Bradley High School, and Saint Brendan's School. Hilliard is very involved with local sports, especially the state championship winning football, cross country, and soccer teams. Residents of Hilliard can also make a brief drive into Columbus in order to enjoy more urban attractions and activities.