Genoa Township Real Estate Information

The state of Ohio is subdivided into counties, which are in turn subdivided into townships. Genoa Township is one of the eighteen townships of Delaware County, which is situated in the central portion of the Buckeye State. Genoa Township is located in the southeastern area of Delaware County, and has an almost perfect square shape. Genoa is a conveniently located at the convergence of a number of different townships on the southern county line, including Berkshire, Trenton, Harlem, Orange, and Berlin Townships. Genoa also borders the city of Westerville,which is one of the largest suburbs of Columbus, with a population of several dozen thousand residents. Genoa Township encompasses a total area of slightly more than twenty one square miles, of which about three and a half square miles are water.

Genoa Township is one of the primary suburbs of the state capital, Columbus, which has a population of well over a million residents. Interestingly, just as Columbus is named after the Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus, Genoa Township is named after the hometown of that famous individual. Genoa Township is expanding rapidly along with a number of other nearby suburban communities, a byproduct of the rapid expansion of the city of Columbus. Although overall Genoa Township is overall one of the fastest growing suburbs of Columbus, nearly half of the township is rural, especially in the northern portion, ensuring a pleasant balance between city and country.

The government of Genoa Township has been entrusted to three board of trustee members who each serve four year staggered terms. The educational needs of Genoa Township are provided for by a number of public and private institutions, including three separate school districts. These are the Westerville City School District, the Big Walnut Local School District, and the Olentangy Local School District. Genoa Township is home to a Hoover Reservoir, Highland Lakes Golf Course, the Medallion Club, and the Genoa Trail in addition to McNamara Park. Genoa Township is a generally upscale bedroom community within easy commuting distance of Columbus and a number of other nearby but smaller cities, communities, and towns as well as several hamlets and villages.