Gahanna Real Estate Information

Gahanna is a medium sized city situated in the central portion of the Buckeye State, Ohio. Gahanna is notable for its convenient location and excellent balance of individual character and remarkable convenience. Gahanna is situated in Franklin County, specifically in the northeastern portion of the county. Gahanna encompasses an area of slightly more than twelve square miles, and does not include any significantly large bodies of water. Gahanna has a population of forty seven thousand nine hundred residents, at least as of the census taken in the year two thousand. If current population trends for the Central Ohio area can be extrapolated to Gahanna, it will have experienced significant population growth once the two thousand ten census is conducted.

Gahanna is home to an upbeat and positive attitude while still maintaining focus on a strong work ethic, as evidenced by its city motto of “live, work, play”. Gahanna began its history as a plantation under the possession of John Clark, covering a modest land area of only eight hundred acres. Eventually the plantation became a town, and the town of Gahanna was officially incorporated in the year eighteen eighty one. The name of Gahanna was derived from an indigenous term referring to the confluence of three bodies of flowing water near the town. Gahanna is primarily a bedroom community or suburb due to its convenient location near the major city of Columbus.

The early economy of Gahanna was heavily based on the production and processing of herbs, leading to its designation by the state of Ohio in the year nineteen seventy two as the “Herb Capital of Ohio”. There are still a few remnants of this early agricultural force, including the Herb Education Center and the Geroux Herb Gardens and two annual events – May Herb Day and Herb Harvest Day. Two notable residents of Gahanna throughout the years are swimmer Amanda Adkins and professional soccer player Seth Stammler. Gahanna continues to be a popular suburban residence, balancing individual character with convenience and an excellent location. In fact, Gahanna was ranked as one of the one hundred best places to live by Money Magazine.