Blacklick Real Estate Information

Blacklick is home to a number of interesting characteristics despite its relatively small size. For example, the town of Blacklick is well known amongst the community of ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. Blacklick is home to a number of allegedly haunted spots, including schools, lakes, and woods, which are both frightening and entertaining both to ghost experts and adventurous amateurs. However, there is much more in the community of Blacklick than just ghostly haunts. Blacklick is one of the many small villages that dot the landscape of Franklin and Delaware Counties, just outside of the grasp of the larger metropolitan areas that surround them. Blacklick is a great example of how a community can enjoy urban convenience while still maintaining the look and feel of a small village.

The earliest inhabitants of Blacklick were Native Americans, specifically those who were noted for building magnificent burial mounds to house and memorialize their dead. Non-indigenous peoples began to arrive in the Franklin County area in force towards the end of the nineteenth century, bringing with them a number of industries, especially agriculture, railroads, and logging. Blacklick in particular came into existence as a railroad station, and continues to be situated at the confluence of High Street and the railroad. Blacklick is technically considered an unincorporated community of Jefferson Township, which in turn is located in the northeastern portion of Franklin County.

Although Franklin County, along with adjacent Delaware County, is one of the fastest growing regions in the state of Ohio, Blacklick is still roughly the same size as it was a decade ago. Blacklick takes its name from Blacklick Creek, and is situated relatively close to the geographic center of the Buckeye State. Blacklick has a population of less than fourteen thousand residents, and is located less than half an hour away from downtown Columbus by car, taxi, or any other form of automotive transportation. This means that residents of Blacklick can enjoy both the beauty of a “Green Community” and the convenience of the largest urban center in the state of Ohio, including recreational sites, historical areas, and even a lively nightlife.