Central Ohio Real Estate Information

Central Ohio is a generic name given to the area roughly equivalent to the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio. Central Ohio is the most populous area of the state, and is also the social, economic, political, and cultural capital of the region. Central Ohio was originally inhabited, as was much of the Midwest, by Native American tribes particularly well known for their large burial mounds. Columbus, which is the state capital and the county seat of the state's most populous county, Franklin County, is without a doubt the most important city in Central Ohio, boasting a population in excess of seven hundred forty seven thousand residents. The entirety of Central Ohio has a population well over two million residents, most of whom find their livelihoods in either the city proper or the metropolitan area of Columbus.

The economy of the Central Ohio was traditionally based on an agrarian and agricultural model, but has evolved into a much more complex system that involves health care, commerce, education, insurance, and technology. There are a number of historic sites located throughout Central Ohio with dates of origin ranging from several thousand years old to as recent as the twentieth century. The majority of Central Ohio is served educationally by the Columbus City Schools, which is the largest school district in the state, although parents often opt for parochial or private options. There are also several highly rated community, public, and private colleges in Central Ohio which attract students from around the country and the world.

The largest library district in Central Ohio is, not surprisingly, the Columbus Metropolitan Library System, which is ranked among the best and most used library systems in the country. In addition to hosting several well known college, semi-pro, and professional sports teams, Central Ohio is home to a number of historically, culturally, and architecturally significant sites. Central Ohio boasts several annual events, including the Ohio State Fair, the Columbus Arts Festival, ComFest, and even a winter anime convention. Central Ohio occupies a location central not just to the Buckeye State but also to much of the nation, since literally half of the country's population is located within less than six hundred miles.